What is SKU definition?

c'est quoi le SKU

SKU what is it? Firt of all, it means “Stock Keeping Unit”. The SKU is a scannable bar code most commonly printed on product labels in a retail store. The SKU consists of an alphanumeric combination of approximately 8-10 characters that allows companies to automatically track the movement of inventory. We will learn all about […]

10 good reasons to guide you towards self storage automation

entrepôt automatisé

Here are the good reasons to convince you to move on to self storage automation First, an efficient logistics warehouse allows you to respond effectively to your customers’ demands and at controlled costs. To achieve this, it is therefore necessary to opt for a more efficient organization. Making a self storage more efficient efficiency has […]

4 things to know absolutely for an automated self storage or warehouse

entrepôt automatisé

First, an automated warehouse or self storage relies on new robotics technologies and digital or software platforms. In addition, warehouse automation must fully integrate with existing tools such as Entreprise Ressources Planning (ERP). This is because storage unit automation secures and optimizes processes and increases warehouse capacity and productivity. Why is it important to automate […]

5 exclusive tips for better logistics warehouse optimization

améliorer les flux logistiques de votre entrepôt

First, logistics warehouse optimization is a major factor having a strong impact on your industrial efficiency and productivity. Slow flow will negatively impact your productivity, so keeping your products moving is essential. Thus, various good practices are available to logistics warehouse managers to improve their inventory management and logistics flows in their warehouses. But how […]