You're looking for a self storage space, a storage box ...

Rent spaces close to your activities

You have free space at home or in your company or office !

Rent it out and earn additional income

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dliv logistique facile - favicon is a collaborative service for the rental of self storage spaces, storage boxes, warehouse storage... to store any product and goods

dliv is an online platform for finding and booking self storage spaces for professionals

The platform connects :

Individuals or Companies making their free spaces available for renting

with Professionals looking for self storage space to rent

dliv offers a collaborative and innovative shared logistics warehouse and self storage solution for professionals, while meeting quality, cost and safety requirements

Who rent self storage spaces on

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Rent your free spaces
Earn additional income at home

Many professionals need to store goods, packages, archive boxes, equipment, tools or materials

Rent your free spaces, such as an unused room in your house or garden, in your company or in one of your properties

Participate in the development of innovative and secure self-storage and shared warehouse solutions

Earn additional income staying home

Why not you !

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Advanced technology at the service of logistics

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Rent Self Storage spaces

dliv allows you to publish your storage request to our users, or search for self storage spaces that are around you, for any period as you wish

You will optimize your storage costs by renting the storage space of your choice. Your logistics warehouse will be deported and closer to your customers

You will keep all your transactions histories, entries and exits history, and details of your stored products and goods

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